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11/27/2013 Premium Labels, roll out! The best G1 stickers are now available!


We are proud to introduce you our top of the line stickers, Premium Labels!

1. All Premium Labels only use 3M or equivalent adhesives. We only use best of the best when picking printing materials for this line, to make sure they will last years to come. All the matte silver stickers will be using top of the line 3M vehicle wraps, which means, you can even put them on your car and they will not fall off, those stickers are the best G1 stickers available in today's market.


2. All Premium Labels use piezo inkjet heads print up to 1440 dpi vector graphics with smoother gradations, richer density and deeper image saturation.


3. All Premium Labels use improved contour cutting technology, simply elimilates most of the "off centered" problems.


Samples will be avaliable in the following materials: White Background, Matte Silver Background, Chromed Silver Background and Transparent Background. You can purchase them Here.


Look for the following label for Premium Label stickers!