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5% Addtional Discount to all loyal customers every year!


Before we get crazy busy listing the new batch of Transformers and GI Joe stickers, I'd like to thank all our loyal customers who have been supporting us and giving us feedback to improve our products. Trust me, we have listened, your valuable feedback was never ignored, we have fixed everything there is to fix, but that is not what this article is about...


We have applied 5% discount to all of our existing customer accounts(If we have missed you somehow, please contact us with your order number), you will get 5% discount on all G1 stickers and GI Joe stickers automatically at checkout, this discount can be combined with any other coupon codes you have. Every year, all customers with at least 1 order placed will be getting a 5% discount added to their accounts. So next year, lots of you will have 10% base discount instead of 5% base discount, a year after that you will get 15% base discount and the highest base discount is 20%. Again, our goal is to make restoration projects affordable to almost anyone.


If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitage to contact us!